To us, you're not just another number

As accountants we love number crunching but, here at DonnellyBentley we recognise that behind those numbers there are people and businesses. Each one with individual needs and goals, each one as highly valued by us as the next.

A business, an entrepreneur, an individual or a not-for-profit organisation - you can expect friendly, effective professional advice at all times from accountants who really like numbers… but also like people.


Protect your personal and business financial health

Chartered Accountants in Bolton

Why choose DonnellyBentley?

As ‘Chartered’ Accountants we meet the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct.

We offer a comprehensive range of services including Accounting and Tax Services, we are expert providers of cloud accounting software and we have a number of specialist accounting services such as Business Mediation and Not for Profit.

As every relationship starts with a conversation… we’d love to talk to you and tell you more.


What our Clients Say

Chartered Accountants Bolton“Having lived abroad in Spain for 17 years we were shocked to receive a hefty tax bill shortly after we decided to move back to the UK to live. I met with one of the partners and their tax expert. From that point onwards they handled everything for me and to my delight were successful in getting the tax bill completely quashed.”


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